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Do greek girls like anal

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Do greek girls like anal

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FAQ Calendar. How did Anal Sex and the Greeks get Associated? Snickers aside, why are Greeks and Anal Sex so closely associated?

Is it a homosexual reference or man seeks female walking partner practiced by straights too? As a culture do they prefer that form of sex? Last edited by aceplace57; at It is a homosexual reference. The basic idea is that the ancient greeks didn't like women much and that do greek girls like anal with them was mainly for procreation. Ancient greek men had a culture that encouraged male bonding to the fullest extent possible including male on male sex.

They weren't gay. They just valued men that much and were extreme misogynists in general I took Ancient Greek history do greek girls like anal college. The did have a male dominated culture in general but we didn't spend much time on anal sex practices.

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I am not sure I am buying it based on what I believe about innate sexual preferences but that is the standard line. The master speaks: Springtime for Spacers. Well they did leave behind rather a lot of art of this NSFW type 4. Originally Posted by Springtime for Spacers.

Well they did leave behind rather a lot of art of this NSFW type. Originally Posted by aceplace Originally Do greek girls like anal by Shagnasty. I seem to remember someone pointing out that the actual common practice in Greek was not anal sex, though, but more between the thighs or similar.

And that, even amongst modern homosexual men, anal sex is not 10 signs a guy loves you common as people would lead you to believe.

Oh, and the only argument I've seen that the Ancient Greeks really weren't gay is the idea that homosexuality requires the practice to do greek girls like anal between adults, while the Greek practice was between an adult and an adolescent, a form of pederasty rather than homosexuality.

Umm, no offense, but I would say that not liking women much and encouraging male bonding to the extent of male on male sex is pretty much the definition of gay. You invent the map, no one remembers. Invent the do greek girls like anal it doesn't raise any heat.

Create democracy, the world doesn't care.

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But you fuck one Greek guy up the ass Originally Posted by don't ask. Find all posts by Quasimodem. Johnny L. Originally Posted by Quasimodem. Find all posts by Johnny L. Cheshire Human.

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Originally Posted by Johnny L. Originally Posted by Cheshire Human. It do greek girls like anal better if you punctuate it thusly: Originally Posted by Steken.

When we say that do greek girls like anal Ancient Greeks "didn't like" women, we mean that they actually considered women inferior beings.

Al Sharpton On Greeks Ancient. Sharpton did hold forth on the ancient Greeks: We girs philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it. Sharpton with his usual good llke and erudition really gets the point across! Originally Posted by Nava. That covers a large amount of humanity until very recently and a lot of it nowadays History Laid Bare: Harding by Richard Zacks contains a chapter in which the author recounts greekk through old court conger MN sex dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

He found records of English women filing for divorce, on the grounds that their husbands wanted to do it "French style".

Any man that wants to do me in the ass he has to have gay I men or women don't enjoy anal that's fine and they are entitiled but is wrong to. It is a homosexual reference. The basic idea is that the ancient greeks didn't like women much and that sex with them was mainly for. I love my girlfriend and would never dishonor her by asking her this. Myself being an "non-traditional" greek women I feel it is a personal choice - some might But it does not have its origin with Greeks, rather with muslims.

He wnal records of French women filing for divorce, on the grounds that their husbands wanted to do it "Italian style". He found records of Italian women filing for divorce, on the grounds that their husbands wanted to do it doo style". So, it seems that do greek girls like anal decadent easterners always get accused of preferring the back door. I once subscribed to a listserv thread, in which a group of Greeks, dating perth australia a group of Turks, spent page after page after page arguing about whose ancestors were the most enthusiastic pederasts.

What nationality wanted to do it "doggy style"?

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Originally Posted by BigT. You are quite right, not only was it not favored, it was detested by civilized Greeks. Aesop had a fable mocking buggers as shameless, Aeschines called them "brutal and uncultured," eo Aristotle classified buggery as a neurosis akin to eating dirt.

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If you want "chapter and verse" citations you are welcome to read my article on the topic, just search for "How the moderns pinned anal sex on the Greeks" and my. It specifically addresses how this unfortunate association between Greek culture and this behavior came.

Do greek girls like anal is a very old association, going back to the days of the Greeks, and likely it is based on a combination of factors. First, not all Greeks behaved in a civilized manner with boys, some were abusive and violated their boyfriends.

Secondly, Greek culture came under attack from a new religion out of Asia, called Christianity, and puritan arguments were one of the weapons used do greek girls like anal the Greeks. Thirdly, the Greeks were one the first cultures to haver the courage to discuss this practice, so www old sex porno Irvine though they almost unanimously denounced it still the association remained. I liked your comment about "brownie queens.

I blame Aeneas.

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Find all posts by CandidGamera. Last edited by aNewLeaf; at Leo Bloom. Originally Posted by mbh.

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Slithy Tove. They weren't massacred with the same blood lust as the Cathars, just buttsecks-slandered more thoroughly. Originally Posted by aNewLeaf. Dry humping is like this, and it's do greek girls like anal enough that we've all done it. Oiling up some boy and using his thighs like a fleshlight is fairly ingenious. Almost like fucking a woman, without all the bleeding, bitching, and babies.

ETA- Greeks had foreskins. So maybe they didn't need the oil.

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Last edited by Leo Bloom; at But, oike ancient zombie Greeks prefer men? Darth Panda. Originally Posted by kenobi When a daddy Greek and another daddy Greek love each other very much Originally Posted by Darth Panda. It was so quiet that I heard My brain think in class. Originally Posted by gatorslap.

do greek girls like anal Anal sex is certainly more popular luke modern homosexual men than it was in years past, even more recently. Not long ago I read an interview with an elderly gay man in which he recalls a time when anal sex was socially disfavored by the gay community, and men who preferred it were derided as "brownie queens". FTR, I emailed the school of the author of the epigraph.

I refer to this thread as a "genial semi-scholarly discussion.