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The experiment adds to a body of research showing diverse benefits for girls attending single-sex schools, where girls are encouraged to take positive risks that girls only sex lead to personal triumphs — and greater confidence.

The research comes as no surprise to Australian educators working in the field. The results of the US experiment, released earlier this year, also indicate girls from a co-educational school perform better within majority-female girls only sex. The findings support earlier research including studies that found pupils educated in an all-female environment were more likely to oly chances and push past bias than their co-ed peers.

girls only sex

Learning the value of pushing past girls only sex comfort zone is part of the Pymble philosophy, says Dr Hadwen. Girls at single-sex schools get a competitive boost.

The Sydney Morning Herald. The competitive behaviours are comparable to that of co-educated males.

Teachers, too, can benefit from single-sex environments, says Mrs Christensen. License this article.

Private schools High school.