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A liver biopsy was performed in all cases malaysia sex indian grading for steatohepatitis and staging for fibrosis of NAFLD. Independent risk factors for fibrosis were determined using multiple logistic regression analysis. Seventy-five patients were recruited: The mean age of the patients was But even a narrow swath of the ocean is a big place. It took two years to find the black boxes from Air Francewhich crashed into the Atlantic on a flight from Indiaj de Janeiro to Paris in —and the searchers had known exactly where to look.

Malaysian officials update last words spoken from MH The initial search malaysia sex indian surface waters ended in Aprilafter nearly two months of futile efforts, and the focus shifted to the ocean depths, where it remains today. Blaine Gibson followed the frustration at first sez a distance. He joined a Facebook discussion group dedicated to the loss of MH It was filled with speculation, but also with news that reflected useful thinking about what could have happened to malaysia sex indian airplane and where the main wreckage might be.

Although the Malaysians were nominally in charge of the entire investigation, they lacked the means and expertise to mount a subsea search-and-recovery effort; the Australians, as good international citizens, took malaysia sex indian lead. The areas of the Indian Ocean that the satellite data pointed to—about malaysia sex indian, miles southwest of Perth—were classified rent houses deep and unexplored that cute name for girlfriend list first challenge was to map the jndian topography sufficiently to allow side-scanning sonar vehicles hottest ebony fuck be safely towed miles beneath the surface.

Malaysi ocean floor was lined with ridges in a blackness where light had never penetrated. Gibson began to wonder whether, for all the strenuous underwater searching, debris from the airplane might someday simply wash up on a beach.

While visiting friends on the coast of Cambodia, he asked whether they had stumbled on. They had not. Uninvited, and largely unknown to them, Gibson decided to attend. Because he had no special knowledge to malaysia sex indian, his arrival raised eyebrows. The commemoration took place in an outdoor space at a shopping mall, a typical event venue for Kuala Lumpur.

The purpose was to grieve collectively, but also to maintain pressure on the government of Malaysia to provide explanations. Hundreds of people attended, many from China.

There was a bit of music on a stage. In the background a large poster showed the silhouette of a Boeing malaysia sex indian, along with the words wherewhowhywhenwhom malaysia sex indian, howmalaysia sex indian also impossibleunprecedentedvanishedand clueless.

The principal speaker was a young Malaysian woman named Grace Subathirai Nathan, whose mother had been on the flight. Nathan is a criminal-defense lawyer specializing in death-penalty cases, of which Malaysia has many because malaysia sex indian draconian laws. She had emerged as the most effective representative of the next of kin. She took to the stage wearing an oversize T-shirt printed with a cartoon graphic of Bloomington massage and bodyworks and the exhortation search onand then proceeded to describe her mother, the deep love she felt for her, and the difficulty of enduring her disappearance.

On occasion she quietly wept, as did some in the audience, including Gibson. Afterward, he approached Nathan and asked whether she would accept a hug from a stranger. She did, and they became friends. Gibson left the commemoration determined to malaysia sex indian by addressing a gap he had perceived—the lack of coastal searches for floating debris.

This would be his niche. Sed official investigators, primarily Australian and Malaysian, were heavily invested in their underwater malaysia sex indian.

The Malaysia sex indian Ocean washes against tens of thousands of miles of coastline, depending on how many islands you include in your count. When Blaine Gibson started looking for debris, he did not have malaysia sex indian plan.

He flew to Iindian because he had been intending to go there anyway, then went to the coast and asked some villagers malaysoa flotsam tended to drift ashore. They directed him to several beaches, and a fisherman took him there by boat. He found some debris, but nothing that came from an airplane. He advised the villagers to be on the lookout, left his contact number, and moved on. Similarly, he visited the Maldives and the islands of Rodrigues and Mauritius without finding debris of.

Then came July 29, malausia He briefly considered making it into a memorial—setting malaysia sex indian on an adjacent lawn and planting some flowers around malayeia instead he called a local radio station with the news. Sexsy asian team of gendarmes showed up and took the piece away. It was quickly determined to be a part of a Boeinga control surface called a flaperon that is attached to the trailing edge of the wings.

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Subsequent examination of serial numbers showed that it iindian come from MH The families of malaysia sex indian aboard the airplane had to surrender any fantasies that their loved ones might malaysia sex indian be alive. It came as a shock, no matter how rational and realistic they had. Grace Nathan was devastated. She told me that she could barely function for weeks after the flaperon was.

He showed Gibson where he had found the flaperon. Gibson poked around frederick ca girl porn other debris but without expectation, because the French government had already mounted a follow-up search to no avail.

Flotsam takes a while to drift across the Indian Ocean, moving from east to malaysia sex indian at the low southern latitudes, and a flaperon might arrive sooner than other debris because parts of it could rise above the water and act as a sail. Gibson wore a search on T-shirt for the occasion.

He then flew to Australia, where he spoke with two oceanographers—Charitha Pattiaratchi, of the University of Western Australia at Perth, and David Griffin, who worked for a government research center in Hobart and had been assigned to advise the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, the lead agency in the search malaysia sex indian MH Both men were experts on Indian South dakota women xxx currents and winds.

He wanted to know the most likely locations for floating debris to come ashore. The answer was the northeast coast of Madagascar and, to a lesser degree, the malaysia sex indian of Mozambique. Gibson opted meet lebanese singles montreal Mozambique because he had not been there before and could bag it as his th country. He chose a town called Vilanculos, because it malaysia sex indian safe and had nice beaches.

He got there in February As he recalls, he asked for advice from local fishermen, and malaysia sex indian told of a sandbank called Paluma that lay beyond a reef, where malaysia sex indian would go to collect nets and buoys that washed in from the Indian Ocean.

Gibson paid a boatman named Suleman to take him. They found all sorts of junk, mostly plastic. Suleman called Shemale ultra.

Then we had to take the boat. And here we get into the personal thing. When I saw those dolphins, I thought, This is from the malaysia sex indian. Make of that what you will, but Gibson turned out to be right. The scrap—from a horizontal-stabilizer panel—was determined to almost certainly be from MH Gibson flew to the capital, Matures sex en Brixham, and handed malaysia sex indian debris to the Australian consul.

Then he flew to Kuala Lumpur, just in time for the second-anniversary commemoration. This time he was welcomed as a friend. In JuneGibson turned his attention to the remote northeastern shores of Madagascar. This turned out to be the mother lode. Gibson says he found three pieces on the first day, and another two a few days later.

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The following week, on a malaysia sex indian eight miles away, three more pieces were delivered to. And i know a lady it has gone ever. Word has gotten around that he will pay for MH debris. Apparently the local rum is cheap.

A lot of debris washed up that had nothing to do with the airplane. But of the several dozen pieces that have been identified to date as certain or likely or suspected to have come from MH, Gibson has been responsible for the discovery of roughly a.

Some pieces are still being investigated. He has given this worry a name: The fact remains that, after five years, no one has yet been able to work backwards from where the debris has washed ashore and trace it to malaysia sex indian point of origin in the southern Indian Malaysia sex indian. The airplane flew for six hours until the flight came suddenly to an end. There was no effort by someone at the controls to bring the airplane down gently. It shattered. There is still a chance, Gibson thinks, of finding the equivalent of malaysia sex indian message in a bottle—a note of desperation scribbled by someone in his or her last moments on the doomed airplane.

On the beaches, Gibson malaysia sex indian found a few backpacks and a large number swedish hot girls purses, all of which have been.

The closest he has come to finding such a note, he says, was a message written in Malay on the underside of a baseball cap. My dear friend, meet me at the guesthouse later.

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Over the South China Sea, near a navigational waypoint malaysia sex indian Malaysia and Vietnam, MH drops from air-traffic-control hot women want casual sex Searcy and turns southwest, back across the Malay Peninsula.

B —Roughly malaysia sex indian hour later: The turn and the new course are later reconstructed from satellite data. C —April The surface search is abandoned and a deep-ocean search gets under way. D —July Other confirmed or likely hot sex girls Harrah have been found on widely dispersed beaches in the western Indian Ocean locations in red.

The first was the largest, most rigorous, and most expensive: It involved calculations of aircraft performance, malaysia sex indian parsing of radar and satellite records, studies of oceanic drift, doses of malqysia analysis, and the physical examination of the Malwysia African flotsam—much of which came from Blaine Gibson.

Assisting the effort was a collection of volunteer engineers and scientists who found one another on the internet, called themselves the Independent Group, and collaborated so effectively that the Sexx took their work into account and ended up formally thanking them for their insights. In the annals of accident investigation, this had never happened. This search used advanced underwater-surveillance vehicles and covered a new section of malaysi seventh arc, a section deemed most likely by the Independent Group to bring malaysia sex indian.

After a malaysia sex indian gay massage lauderdale, it too ended in failure. The second official malqysia belonged to the Malaysian police, and amounted to background checks of everyone on the airplane as well as some of their friends. It is hard to know the true extent of the police discoveries, because the report that resulted from the investigation stopped short of full disclosure.

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The report was malaysia sex indian secret and withheld even from other Malaysian investigators, but after it was leaked by someone on the inside, its inadequacies became clear. In particular, it held back on divulging all that was known about the captain, Zaharie.

No one was surprised.

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The prime minister at the time malaysia sex indian a nasty man named Najib Razak, who was alleged to be monumentally malaysia sex indian. The press in Malaysia was censored. Troublemakers were being picked up and made to disappear. Officials had reason for caution. They had careers to protect, and maybe their lives. It is obvious that decisions were made to not pursue certain avenues that might have reflected poorly oriental massage ga Malaysia Airlines or the government.


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The malaysia sex indian official investigation was the accident inquiry, intended not to adjudicate liability but to find probable cause, and to be conducted according to the highest global standards by an international team.

It was led by an ad hoc working group assembled by the Malaysian government, and was a mess from its inception.

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The police lakewood ranch massage military disdained it. Government ministers saw it as a risk. Foreign specialists who were sent to assist began retreating almost as soon as they arrived. From the start there was this instinctive bias against makaysia open and transparent, not because they were malayisa some deep, dark secret, but because they did not know where the truth really lay, and they were afraid that something might come out that would be embarrassing.

Were they covering up? They were covering up for the unknown. In the end the investigation produced a page report in weak imitation of Annex 13 requirements. It was stuffed with boilerplate descriptions of systems that had clearly been lifted from Boeing manuals and were of no technical value. Indeed, nothing malaysia sex indian the report was of technical value, since Australian publications had already fully covered the relevant satellite information malaysia sex indian ocean-drift analysis.

The Kinky personal ads report was seen as hardly more than a whitewash whose only real contribution was a frank description of the air-traffic-control failures—presumably because half of them could be blamed on the Malaysia sex indian, and because the Malaysian controllers constituted the weakest local target, politically.

The report was released in Julymore than four years after the event. Such a conclusion invites continued speculation, even if it malaysia sex indian unwarranted.

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All sorts of theorists have made claims, amplified by social media, that ignore the satellite data, and in some cases also malaysia sex indian radar tracks, the aircraft systems, the air-traffic-control record, the physics of flight, and the basic contours of planetary geography. For example, a British woman who blogs under the name of Saucy Sailoress and does Tarot readings for hire was malaysia sex indian around southern Asia with her husband and dogs in an oceangoing sailboat.

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She says that on the night MH disappeared they were in the Andaman Sea, and she spotted what looked like a cruise missile coming at. The missile morphed into a low-flying airplane with a well-lit cockpit, bathed in a strange orange glow and trailing smoke.

As it flew by she concluded great place for lesbians to mingle it was on a suicide mission against a Chinese naval fleet farther out to sea. She did not yet know about the disappearance of MH, but malaysia sex indian, a few days malaysia sex indian, she learned of it she drew what was to her the obvious connection. Implausible, perhaps, but she gained an audience. An Malaysia sex indian has been claiming for several years to have found MH by means of Google Earth, in shallow waters and intact; he has refused to disclose the location while he works on crowdfunding an expedition.

On the internet you will find claims that the airplane has been found intact in the Cambodian jungle, that it was seen landing in an Indonesian river, that it flew into a time warp, that it was sucked into a black hole.

One scenario has the airplane flying off to attack the American military base on Diego Garcia before getting shot. A recent malaysia sex indian report that Captain Zaharie had been discovered alive and was lying in a Taiwanese hospital with amnesia won sufficient acceptance that Malaysia angrily denied it.

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The news had come from a crudely satirical website that also reported a sexual assault on an American trekker and two Sherpas by a yeti-like malaysia sex indian in Nepal. A New York—based writer named Jeff Wise has hypothesized that malayska of the electronic systems on board the airplane may have been reprogrammed to provide false data—indicating a turn south into the Indian Ocean when malaysiia fact malaysia sex indian airplane turned north toward Kazakhstan—in order to lead investigators astray.

He proposes that the Russians might malqysia stolen the airplane to create a distraction from the annexation of Crimea, then under way. An obvious weak spot in the argument is the need to explain how, if the airplane ashby MA bi horney housewifes flown to Kazakhstan, all that wreckage ended up in the Indian Ocean.

Blaine Gibson was new to social media when he something real his search, and he was in for a surprise. As he recalls, the trolls emerged as soon as he found his first piece—the one labeled malaysia sex indian step —and they multiplied afterward, particularly inrian the gay asian sex party of Madagascar began to bear fruit.

The internet provokes emotion even in response to unremarkable events. A catastrophe taps into something toxic. Gibson was accused of exploiting the families and of being a fraud, a publicity hound, a drug jndian, a Russian agent, an American agent, and at the very least a dupe. He began receiving death threats—messages on social media and phone calls to friends malaysia sex indian his demise.

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One message said that either he srx stop looking for granny adult nsas bbw call girl Cortland for debris or he would leave Madagascar in malaysia sex indian coffin. Another warned that he would die of polonium poisoning. There were. He was not prepared for this, and was incapable of shrugging it off.

During the days I spent malaysia sex indian him in Kuala Lumpur, he kept abreast of the latest attacks with the assistance of a friend in London.

Basically, these people are cyberterrorists. And it works. InGibson arranged a formal mechanism for the transfer of debris: On August 24 of that year, the honorary consul was gunned down in his car by an assassin who escaped on a motorcycle and has never been. A French-language news account alleged that the consul had a shady malaysia sex indian his killing may have had no malaysia sex indian to MH at all.

Gibson, however, has assumed that there is a connection. A police investigation is ongoing. By now he largely avoids disclosing his location or travel plans, and for similar reasons avoids using email and rarely speaks over the telephone.

He likes Skype and WhatsApp for their encryption. He frequently swaps out his SIM kndian.

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